Who We've Helped

Our clients range from individual consultants and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, schools and non-profits.  It is not the size of the organization or the type of work they do…it’s about people and helping teams and individuals continue learning and improving their performance so that the organization achieves its goals. Here’s how our tools and services have helped some of our clients:

Fortune 500 Industrial Supply Company

We work closely with the manager in their organizational effectiveness department to implement DiSC tools and solutions that meet the learning needs of both teams and individuals. Department teams are utilizing Everything DiSC Workplace® for team building and to increase awareness of each other’s behavioral and preferred styles, while Everything DiSC® Management supports their leadership development program. Employees are learning and more engaged in their own development and the needs of others!

Fortune 100 Agribusiness

This firm is just beginning its journey into the suite of Everything DiSC® solutions, including Workplace, Management, Sales, and Productive Conflict. We are working alongside its Learning and Development department, acting as an internal expert and supporting its director and trainers as they develop appropriate solutions for various roles and work groups throughout the organization.

Community Colleges and Universities

We provide Everything DiSC® assessments to various colleges and universities who utilize Everything DiSC Workplace® in their curriculum, whether related to career services, business and marketing or other social sciences. We also go into classrooms and facilitate small workshops to help students better understand the tool.

Large-city Network of Hospitals and Clinics

We support this network’s talent and organizational effectiveness department as it implements Everything DiSC Workplace® and the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® program into professional development and patient care training for doctors and nurses. They also utilize DiSC Preview® as an introductory tool for new employees, reinforcing a culture that emphasizes self-awareness, strong interpersonal skills and team effectiveness, and customer service in the form of empathy, understanding and exceptional care.

Fortune 500, Multinational Energy Management and Automation Company

We have been their DiSC provider for over 25 years and support their learning solutions manager and learning specialists around the world who integrate Everything DiSC Workplace® and Everything DiSC® Sales into their sales academy and other organizational learning initiatives. We are able to meet the language needs of multiple business units who desire Everything DiSC® tools in a language different from English, and provide personalized, responsive and consistent customer service to all locations.

National Construction and Real Estate Development Company

Learning specialists and HRD executives at this firm utilized DiSC to establish a common, company-wide language for people to better understand themselves and their work with others. We also helped develop curriculum and frameworks for various leadership and workforce development training programs that integrated DiSC solutions.

Medium-Sized Church

We utilized Everything DiSC Workplace® to help the senior pastor and his staff gain greater understanding of their behavioral styles and how their differences impact their teamwork and ministry. We administered individual assessments, conducted individual coaching sessions and facilitated a staff retreat focused on The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®, helping the team develop greater cohesion, understanding, focus and commitment.

Independent Consultants

We support the work of other independent consultants by training them on Everything DiSC® solutions and providing accreditation for The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®, helping them become certified in the use of those tools, and partnering with them on special projects.

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